Saturday, March 9, 2013

KMSpico v4 1 Offline Office and Windows Activator

KMSpico v.4.1
- Requirements: .NET 4.0 or Windows 8.
- Activates Windows Vista/7/8 and Office 2010/2013.
- Windows Server 2008/2008R2/2012
1. Run KMSpico.exe as Administrator
2. Done.
Based off of Microsoft Toolkit – Official KMS Solution for Microsoft Products 2.4.1.
Thanks to CODYQX4 and mikmik38.
All the credits for CODYQX4 and mikmik38.
Thanks hui.
Change Log:
- Encrypted to avoid AV.
-Even Smaller
-Fixed false positives
-Other changes
=still has=
-no music
-no tokens backup
-trigger kms
-options gui for trigger kms
-minor changes
- Disable SmartScreen.
- Disable Microsoft Security Updates.
- Make exceptions to KMSpico.exe in your Antivirus program to avoid getting discovered.
Works on:
Mar. 5th , 2013: the new , incredible KMSpico.v.4.1 by heldigard activates full automatic
Windows 8 Professional
Windows 8 Enterprise
Windows Server 2012 all versions
Windows 7 Professional
Windows 7 Enterprise
Windows Server 2008 R2 all versions
Windows Vista Business
Windows Vista Enterprise
Windows Server 2008 all versions
Office 2013
Office 2010
just run “KMSpico.exe” and wait about 10 – 60 seconds…
KMSpico.exe activates the products for 180 days like an original KMS server does.
at anytime you can always extend to 180 days again by rerunning KMSpico.exe.
it also converts full automatic an installed office to VL version – if necessary.
already activated products (activated other than by KMS) won’t be touched.
if you have problems with this tool, check the logfile at
or rund “Check_Log.cmd” which displays that logfile.
post the logfile here if you don’t understand it.
if you already have used any “100% working permanent activator” your windows might be
screwed up and KMSpico won’t work.
in these cases reinstall or try (as elevated command)
sfc /scannow
(“KMSmicro”, “KMSnano”, “KMSdrunk” and “VMware Server 2012″ :
they are obsolete and not m$-safe anymore because their static ePIDs are blacklisted.
just run the new “KMSpico.exe” (using random ePIDs)
on systems which were activated by those outdated tools.)
.RAR archive Password:

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